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How Does Real Estate Tokenization Work:

  • Imagine, a building is worth $400,000. Using tokenization, the promoter can fragment the ownership of the property digitally, and issue 400,000 tokens, with each representing 0.00025% of the total value. These tokens can then be sold to multiple users, thereby improving the liquidity of the property. 

  • When Person A purchases 4,000 tokens, they own 1% of the property. Likewise, when Person B purchases 200,000 tokens, they own 50% of the property.  Later, Person C can also get involved in the deal and purchase the remaining 49% ownership.

  • Thus, when compared to the traditional real estate, tokenization allows you to divide the value of your property into several shares and provides fractional ownership, thereby improving liquidity, reducing risk, and multiplying profits by millions! 

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