Dash Jumps Above IOTA with Over 14% Gains, Monero is the Next target

The fourteenth largest cryptocurrency by market cap of $802 million is having a great time currently as it trades at $92.37 in the USD market, registering 9 percent gains, at the time of writing, as per the data provided by Coinmarketcap. In the BTC market, it is up by over 9 percent as well.

Dash Price Chart, Source: Coinmarketcap

The rise in Dash price saw it taking a jump from 15th spot to displace IOTA from the 14th position. While IOTA is up by just about 1 percent gains, Dash is rising by about 9 percent. The next target in line for Dash is Monero which is at 13th position with a market cap of $874 million.

According to the data provided by DataLight, the hype for Dash is up over 250 percent which usually follows an increase in price. So, it’s possible if Dash sees more green, it will take over the 13th position from Monero.

Adoption On The Rise

The surge in Dash prices could be attributed to the big news that came in the past few days. PolisPay card announced the integration of Dash into the PolisPay cryptocurrency payment solution.

“As Dash has always pushed towards innovation and cryptocurrency adoption, we have found great potential in the PolisPay project, and we believe this breakthrough will have a profound impact for Dash users and the whole crypto community.”

Another news came from Equicex Group that offers an exchange and regular as well as privacy-focused debit cards. This company is also integrating Dash to enhance the sending options for Dash users.

One Of The Most Profitable Assets

According to the latest data shared by DataLight, Dash is among the top three cryptocurrencies with the biggest gains since it first went live on an exchange. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the only cryptos ahead of the Dash while altcoins like XRP, XMR, MKR, NEO, BNB, and NEM are below Dash on the returns.

Sharing this information data Dash said,

“Dash brought advanced privacy to the forefront, pioneered instant transactions and governance, and is set to take protocol-level consumer-grade usability into uncharted territory with the release of the Evolution update.”

Dash has been hard at work, having already gotten over 4,800 merchants from all around the world to accept Dash. One interesting thing about this is that these merchants are located in Venezuela and Colombia so the real-world adoption is really at work.

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