Hoopox and Tianjin University established a blockchain technology laboratory to effectively promote the deep integration of blockchain industry-university-research

Jiajun Li, thanked Haobo for supporting the school’s scientific research in the blockchain field. He pointed out that the establishment of a blockchain laboratory should not be limited to the Intelligence and Computer Science department. Various colleges and organizations can all join in to pool resources for improving the teaching and research development. In the future, the school will actively support the construction of the laboratory, combine the advantages of the school’s intellectual resources with the market advantage of Hoopox, and return the alumni’s deep friendship to their alma mater with more fruitful results.

Haobo Ma, CEO of Hoopox, said that Hoopox hopes that by continuing to deepen the industry-university-research collaboration, build a corporate development plan that harmonizes talents, technology, markets, and capital, and work with Tianjin University to form a trinity of scene-driven, technological traction, and resource support capabilities.

Tianjin University-Hoopox Technology Blockchain Lab will establish a comprehensive R&D development model based on the concept of integrated resources and complementary advantages based on voluntary fairness, resource sharing, and common development. An in-depth exploration of applications in the Internet of Things, supply chain management, finance, medical industry, information security, smart government, and other fields.

Hoopox, a member of the aelf Innovation Alliance, has been entrusted to develop the aelf blockchain system and has a commercial license. Additionally, Hoopox can use aelf Enterprise for business activities. aelf’s blockchain system is not based on any existing blockchain base layer and has been independently developed by Hoopox in its entirety.

Tianjin University, formerly known as Peiyang University, is the first modern university in China. The university was one of the first 16 universities accredited by the nation in 1959. Tianjin University is one of the top 10 universities in China. In particular, computer science ranks among the top 1% in the world, becoming the 7th discipline of Tianjin University to enter the top 1% of the world (ESI).


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