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Are you in your house without doing much, thanks to the quarantine of the Coronavirus and want to earn some money? Well, Coinbase pays you for learning about cryptocurrencies in this quarantine. Do you dare? Coinbase is the largest crypto exchange in the united States, and one of the most important in the world. Famous for having one of the user interfaces easier to use in all the criptoverso. Now, Coinbase knows 3 things about us. The first, is that many of us are in our homes. The second, is that you never know too much about the cryptocurrencies. And third, that it is never a bad time to make money, and more if it is in cryptocurrencies. Do you dare? Keep reading this post to learn how to do it.

Coinbase pays you for learning about cryptocurrencies

Earn money by watching a series of instructional videos for each of the cryptocurrencies that are available in this interesting offering from Coinbase. And then, by answering a questionnaire with simple questions of what you saw in the videos. First, we will need a verified account in this important crypto exchange. To do this you will need to possess an identity document of his country, in addition to having 18 years or more. This, although it is not consonant with the philosophy of the cryptocurrencies. It is because Coinbase is an exchange regulated by the united States, and therefore has to follow the laws of the KYC.

The eligibility process

Once we have our account created, we will not be able to directly access to win money by learning about cryptocurrencies. To do this, we must first go through the eligibility process. Source: Coinbase To do this, it is necessary to enter in the portal of Coinbase Earn, from the main window (dashboard) of our crypto-wallet. Once inside the portal, we’ll go course-by-course registrándonos on the waiting list or “eligibility Process”. Source: Coinbase once you have registered, we must receive a message like this. In which Coinbase ensures that we will send an e-mail message (to our email) when we can earn money. In CriptoTendencia recommend to do this process as soon as possible, so as to start to learn about cryptocurrencies while we make money. According to Coinbase, this can take several days, but does not specify how much. Excuse themselves by stating that “it Is a feature quite demanded”.

What cryptocurrencies are available?

Currently, the platform Coinbase Earn account with 8 altcoins different. But some of them have already exhausted the quotas corresponding. For this reason, we recommend completing the eligibility process. 8 cryptocurrencies are the following: Orchid (OXT): “Orchid is a privacy tool driven by cryptocurrencies”.Tezos (XTZ): “Tezos is a criptomoneda and a chain of blocks is designed to guarantee security, the open participation and the ability to update”. DAI:“Dai is a criptomoneda stable whose objective is worth exactly one american dollar”.EOS: “EOS is a protocol that is designed for applications of Blockchain’s fast and free.”Stellar (XLM): “Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payment systems, and people.”Zcash (SACS): “Zcash is a criptomoneda with strong privacy features”.Basic Attention Token (BAT): “the Brave have the mission of repairing what is called a Internet broken”. Ox (ZRX): “The team of 0x believes that, in the future, all the currencies will end up represented by tokens”.

How much can I earn with each course?

Normally, when we say that we will win cryptocurrencies doing this or that action is always a small amount, even could be considered nothing valuable in cryptocurrencies. But this is not the case with Coinbase Earn, because we will earn money while making the process of learning about cryptocurrencies. You can win the following amounts watching videos on each of these cryptocurrencies and then answered a questionnaire. Orchid (OXT): $52 and your VPN.Tezos (XTZ): $6.DAI: in-stock.EOS: $50.Stellar (XLM):$50.Zcash (SACS): Exhausted.Basic Attention Token (BAT): Exhausted.Ox (ZRX): Exhausted. That is to say, with safety, we could win $158, to quickly complete the eligibility process.

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