Paycent Hybrid App for Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum across 200 countries & 36 million merchants

This is a video repost of the Dash Talk interview from our YouTube channel. This episodes special guest is Karen Hsu who is the Head of Growth for BlockCypher. BlockCypher is a strategic partner for Dash and offers Blockchain Web Services.

⏱ Question TimeStamps:
🚩 01:00 How did BlockCypher help Paycent integrate Dash?
🚩 02:35 Is there any advantages to using Dash on Paycent?
🚩 04:22 When will a physical card be available for US users?
🚩 04:45 Question about using mobile app over physical card
🚩 05:23 Mobile app has merchant feature that says coming soon?
🚩 05:59 Price of the physical card including shipping?
🚩 07:36 Who approached who about integrating Dash?
🚩 09:27 Did Paycent give any reasons why they chose Dash?
🚩 10:27 What banking methods do Paycent support for fiat transfers?
🚩 10:45 Is Paycent geared towards South East Asia market as well?
🚩 12:00 Contact lists & sending payments via mobile number.
🚩 14:22 How do the physical card payments work?
🚩 15:30 Is BlockCypher working on any other projects with Texcent?
🚩 17:37 Where can people learn more about BlockCypher?

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