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Where can I find smart contract application developers?

A self-executing contract running on a digital platform called blockchain is the new invention worth exploring. The biggest breakthrough in the decentralized market managed to push blockchain technology from online transactions to the development of smart contract applications. 

Blockchain App Factory with its vast expertise and proficient smart contract application developers offers a wide variety of contracts. Running on Ethereum, they develop the following cutting-edge smart contracts:

  • ERC-20 Token Contracts: The transfer of tokens from one wallet to another is done with the help of these contracts;
  • Stable Coins: The issuance of stable coins gives escrow agreements much more transparency and reliability;
  • Health Wallet: The assurance of a smooth transaction between the healthcare provider and the payer is guaranteed;
  • ERC-721 Smart Contracts: The copyright protection and the registration of real estate contracts is done via this type of contract;
  • Token Redemption: Token creation, redemption, distribution and exchange is covered in the specifically designed smart contracts.

The process of developing a smart contract consists of the next steps:

  • Gathering Requirements: A thorough analysis of the business idea and its peculiarities;
  • Technical Designing: The creation of the technical architectural design together with the data flow diagram;
  • Detailed Development: Alpha and Beta level structure development followed by the release of the developed contract ;
  • Deployment & Upgrade: Deployment of the contract and the required updates.

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