Ford pilots blockchain technology for tracking green miles

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Ford is currently running a European plug-in hybrid electric vehicle trial across Europe to analyze how these cars will benefit the environment, with its most recent trial running in Cologne, Germany. As part of this trial, Ford is using geofencing and blockchain technology to track the number of “green miles” driven, according to a press release.

In Cologne, Ford is using 10 PHEVs with a plug-in device which delivers geofencing and blockchain capabilities. When a vehicle enters a controlled zone, its electric drive mode documents the zero-emission green miles. This data is then recorded in a blockchain to ensure security.

These connected PHEVs can respond in real-time to different emission zones. For example, if it enters a geofenced low emission zones, it can switch to low-emission mode for driving, according to the release.

“The blockchain technology we are testing here in Cologne enables secure, tamper-proof tracking and logging of vehicle emissions records, which makes it ideal for the PHEV pilot,” Gunnar Herrmann, chairman of the management board, Ford-Werke GmbH, said in the release. “Security, trust and transparency of emissions data are of paramount importance to all stakeholders in this project, and are key for our vision of cleaner air in the city.”

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