Nomad raises $34 million, Kelly Services partners with blockchain platform, Recruit makes investment

August 15, 2019

Online healthcare staffing platform Nomad Health announced $34 million in financing and signed staffing veteran Bob Livonius onto its strategic advisory board. Separately, Kelly Services Inc. (NASDAQ: KELYA) reported a new strategic partnership with blockchain, on-demand hiring platform Moonlighting. Finally, Recruit Co. Ltd. announced another investment in a nonstaffing business.

Nomad Health

Nomad Health, an online platform that connects doctors and nurses to healthcare jobs, announced it raised $34 million in equity and debt financing. It also reported that staffing industry veteran Bob Livonius has joined as a strategic advisor.

“This financing clearly validates our success and, more importantly, provides the fuel to support our extraordinary growth,” said Alexi Nazem, MD, co-founder and CEO.

There are nearly 100,000 clinicians on Nomad, 45% of whom are actively looking for work, according to the company. The New York-based company plans to add 90 internal employees by the end of this year, up from 50 now.

Palo Alto, California-based Venture capital firm Icon Ventures led the financing.

Meanwhile, Livonius joined the firm’s strategic advisory board. Livonius has appeared on the Staffing 100 list, and was a leader in promoting the MSP model in the healthcare staffing space.

Kelly Services, Moonlighting

Kelly Services and Moonlighting, an on-demand hiring platform that uses blockchain technology, announced a strategic partnership.

“This strategic partnership, initiated through the Kelly Innovation Fund, supports the application of blockchain in human capital environments,” said John Healy, VP and managing director of Kelly’s Office of the Future of Work. “Mobile technology, self-service, and the platform economy are all priorities for the modern workforce, and with data privacy emerging with an ever-increasing focus, we expect blockchain technology to offer even greater opportunities for a more efficient and secure process in the upcoming years.”

Moonlighting plans to launch a blockchain profile management system this month; it aims to let job seekers create trusted profiles and transport them to other freelance and gig marketplaces. Moonlighting also said its hiring solutions are used by more than 150 news sites, including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

Recruit Co. Ltd.

Recruit Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest staffing firms, announced a technology investment on Wednesday for the second time this week. The new announcement was an investment in PayMate India Pvt. Ltd., a digital payment platform for B2B transactions.

PayMate is based in Mumbai; its digital platform creates a network for conducting transactions throughout the supply chain. It aims to automate a traditionally paper-based process.

Funds from the investment will go to sales promotion and feature development.

The investment was made by Recruit’s RSP India Fund LLC, which invests in startups in India with the aim of discovering new technologies and business models.

Earlier this week, Tokyo-based Recruit had announced an investment in Properly Inc., a Canada-based real estate technology startup.

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