ETH/USD bulls looking for greater heights

  • Ethereum price in the second half of Monday is holding gains of some 1%.
  • The development team of Ethereum taking decent steps towards hard fork Istanbul.


Ethereum price on Monday is trading in minor positive territory, gains in the session of 1%. ETH/USD saw a high amount of volatility over the weekend, which was seen across the cryptocurrency market, with much buying pressure.

In terms of news flow, late last week in a bi-weekly call, developers approved the first two code changes officially approved for the Istanbul upgrade, which is aimed to be activated on Ethereum mainnet in October.

There is an area of supply which can be seen running from $300 up to $320 which at present is capping further upside. Should the bulls manage to break down this area, eyes will then be on the $400 territory.

ETH/USD daily chart 

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