Survey: Americans prefer Facebook Coin over Bitcoin and Ethereum

In a recent survey has indicated that Americans prefer Facebook coin over Bitcoin and Ethereum. The media buzz surrounding virtual currency has changed, and virtual currencies are quietly moving towards stabilization and legitimization.

Facebook has been
working its way into the cryptocurrency space. It’s been working on its digital
coin that its users can use to send to each other. Additionally, the currency
will enable users to make purchases across the internet and on the Facebook
market place.

With over 1.5 million
active users daily, Facebook virtual currency has endless potential to fulfill
its customers’ needs. In a survey, an exciting trend is coming up, and
customers who have never invested in cryptocurrency would be interested in
investing in Facebook’s virtual currency.

 In the survey, 7% of the respondents have invested in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. 59% were interested in getting involved with a virtual currency created by Facebook, and 30% had no interest in either Bitcoin or the Facebook virtual currency. Americans prefer Facebook coin over Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Customers interested in
investing in the Facebook virtual currency had a reason to buy into the
cryptocurrency compared to those with no interest and cited Facebook as partly
why. 57% would invest in the Facebook virtual currency because they trust
Facebook to deliver reliable products compared to other cryptocurrency
companies. 27% of those who could not invest state their lack of trust in
Facebook, especially handling their money.

This is a positive
indicator for Facebook aspirations to become a significant player in virtual
currency. A few individuals think that a Facebook cryptocurrency would struggle
to gain traction and trust amongst investors following the scandals and
security issues it has experienced in the past.

Facebook’s virtual
currency would allow its users and those investing in the company’s coin
utilize Facebook marketplace to a whole new level. The survey indicated that
Americans preferred Facebook coin over Bitcoin and Ethereum, and they would
comfortably invest in the Facebook coin.

 Do you think Bitcoin and Ethereum will lose to the Facebook coin?

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