Mass Adoption of Ripple’s XRP by Mainstream Banks is Certain – Today’s Gazette

  • Mass adoption of Ripple’s XRP by mainstream banks is certain
  • These integrations will soon impact XRP market price

Ripple’s XRP is a well-known means of payment adopted and recognised by a vast number of prominent banks and institutions in the world. Despite the supposed challenges, the Ripple’s board remains resolute that its mass adoption by mainstream banks is inevitable.

Ripple XRP arguably displaces all digital currencies including Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of cost, scalability and transaction speed. These excellent qualities put XRP ahead of others, and boosted its chances of being adopted by world’s prominent financial institutions.

Ripple appeared in 346 top-performing businesses in Inc’s fourth annual Best Workplaces survey in regards to getting the best out of their employees. Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse‏ also noted the top recognition in one of his recent statements.

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Read his statement below:

“Pleased to report that Ripple is one of Inc Magazine’s Best Workplaces of 2019! This is thanks to the amazing Ripple team for bringing the determination and passion, as we seek to solve the global payments problem.”

Ripple and its digital asset XRP have been advancing mutually. The success of one is expected to impact the other.

Noticeable Challenges for Ripple’s XRP

A number of banks  have started showing interest in developing their personal blockchain integration and projects, which could result in these banks neglecting the services of Ripple if there ideas eventually work

Ripple’s XRP is more functional in its services to financial institutions, and the success of the propositions by banks who want to own their personal blockchain would end up making Ripple lose some of its reputable suitors.


Due to this latest development, Ripple may seek to include more prominent financial institutions to its network, since its productions are meant to serve banks.

JP Morgan could have done better by incorporating Ripple Labs’ invented protocols, but rather chose to develop its own stablecoin.

Ripple’s XRP vocal advocates Remain Optimistic

Ripple’s XRP has fought its way to the top and would always find a means out of any challenges if the unexpected eventually happens, considering the influence of Ripple.

According to Ripple’s vocal advocates, Ripple and XRP will continue to secure mass adoption of financial institutions, affirming that its success will impact the price of the digital currency.

Ripple’s XRP keeps expanding its global reach and network participants against all odds.

State of Ripple’s XRP and other Cryptocurrencies in the Market

Ripple’s XRP and most of other cryptocurrencies are facing downward trend after days of surge in prices.

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XRP was trading around $0.4 about 24 hours ago, but it’s presently trading around $0.38 with about 10% decrease in price in the last 24 hours. The market price drop had earlier been predicted, making investors not to swiftly accumulate their choice digital currencies.

XRP community should remain optimistic. The proposed input of Ripple is expected to reflect on the price very soon, provided it delivers as promised.

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