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What Is TradeCloud?

Formed by a group of leading Commodity and IT experts with a proven record of success, TradeCloud is a bespoke platform that focuses on physical commodity markets. The platform’s vision is to bring the commodity industry into the digital space by providing it a top-notch communication platform and the realization of the Commodities Web.

TradeCloud embraces a network-of-networks of services operating around blockchain technology. In just one year, the platform has attracted more than 200 enterprises and 400 users, currently engaged on the platform.

TradeCloud currently has customers in more than 36 countries across the world and some of the largest global producers have signed up to join the platform. Since its inception, more than $500 USD million of physical commodity trades have been initiated on the platform and the number is increasing.

TradeCloud’s Target Industry

TradeCloud currently serves the metals industry but the company plans to extend its services to the energy and agricultural sectors in the near future. The combined trade value in the three markets is approximately in the excess of $8 trillion USD per year. This represents one, if not the largest and untapped e-commerce opportunity available today.

Problems TradeCloud Seeks To Solve

The commodity industry has been reluctant to change, with market participants and service providers remaining disconnected. They can only be able to reach one another through out-dated or not-fit-for purpose communication tools. This has led to various impediments to success in the industry. Major problems in the industry include inefficient communication, inadequate price discovery, and poor allocation of services to the industry.

The absence of digitization in this space contributes to fraud, sometimes on a huge scale such as the Quingdao case. In other cases, e-mailed payment instructions get intercepted and changed. Services such as new finance channels and credit insurance capacity have not been tapped and utilized. This is mainly because the providers and those in need of the services have not been connected. Besides, inefficient processes and antiquated price discovery methods have led to rising costs and shrinking margins.

The TradeCloud Solution

TradeCloud is currently involved in building communities and connecting the industry through its secure, efficient, and easy to use platform. The platform’s digital vision, focusing on the Corda blockchain seeks to make transacting and executing physical commodity trades fast, efficient, and secure. This will reduce costs and improve margins at the same time.

TradeCloud Coin Distribution

TradeCloud intends to generate up to $45 million USD through TC Coins, which will be issued through a Swiss subsidiary. Users will be able to convert TC Coins into internal payment units through a smart contract.

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