Bitcoin SV-Ethereum feud continues as Calvin Ayre claims Vitalik Buterin impersonates Craig Wright

Internal dog-fights between coins, networks, and influencers are quite common in the cryptocurrency industry. Vitalk Buterin and Calvin Ayre, two loud proponents of their respective camps, have reignited this internal conflict less than a week after the massive crypto price rally that added over $30 billion to the collective market.

There is a long history between these crypto-influencers, with Buterin voicing his support for BCHABC during the November 2018 hard fork and Ayre constantly haranguing Ethereum. At the recently concluded Deconomy Forum, the feud between the two was further fired up.

Despite the presence of Nouriel Roubini, a.k.a Dr. Doom, a vocal crypto-hater who has had his fair share of tussles with the Ethereum co-founder, Buterin decided to take issue with the proponent of the twelfth largest coin in the market, Bitcoin SV’s Calvin Ayre.

Following the conclusion of the event, Buterin expressed disappointment that the Forum hosted “BSV shills” allowing not just airtime, but even giving them a panel. The panel in question was “Bitcoin Scaling and Economics” with key speakers like JD Mining founder, Peter Ng, David Lancashire from Saito Tech, and Jack Liu from RelayX, among others.

Buterin’s tweet post the Deconomy Forum read:

Source: Twitter

The Ethereum co-founder was not alone in his criticism, with several prominent crypto-influencers voicing their disapproval. Andreas Antonopoulos, the author of Mastering Bitcoin, called the hosting of the panel “disappointing” and opined that it was staged to created “drama” and to “sells ticket”. Luke Dashjr, a prominent Bitcoin core developer, also called out the BSV panel.

As you would expect, Calvin Ayre did not take Buterin’s “BSV shills” comment lying down and hit back. He called out Buterin for constantly trying to impersonate Craig S Wright, the chief scientist at nChain, the primary backer of the BSV project.

Calvin Ayre responded:

Source: Twitter

Wright has been vehemently claiming that he is the original Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, with many in the community calling his bluff. Unsurprisingly, Ayre, who is part of the same camp, backs Wright’s Satoshi claims despite the flaky evidence for the same.

In his Buterin-backlash, Ayre stated that the Ethereum man was “crying” as he looked at the nChain chief scientist proving his “brilliance”. He went to add that all the ICOs on the Ethereum platform were a “scam”.

Ayre has been quite vocal in his opposition to Ethereum and its lead-man since BSV and BCH split over four months ago. In December 2018, Ayre labeled Buterin a “fraudster” and stated that Ethereum was not money. Two months later, he attacked the ETH platform, stating that “it was based on a scam”.

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