Abjcoin Commerce Partners with Satowallet to Provide 5% Weekly Airdrop to the Crypto Community

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Abjcoin Commerce Partners with Satowallet to provide 5% weekly airdrop to the crypto community

The Abjcoin commerce team is partnering with satowallet to launch a 5% weekly airdrop. This is in order to appreciate the community for the unwavering support shown so far and to help the project reach more possibilities, therefore, fitting into international best practices.

To this end, Abjcoin commerce is partnering with one of Crypto’s most trusted and reputable wallets, Satowallet, a mobile multi-wallet and exchange providing support to Abjcoin Commerce and over 50 other Altcoins.

The Airdrop will run for three months starting from June 18th, 2018-August 19th 2018.

This airdrop is strategic for the Abjcoin Commerce project because it will further the reach of the Abjcoin Commerce project and attract new investors.  One major way to benefit from this project is to participate in the airdrop and hold your coins.

There are new developments to the Abjcoin commerce project that will fast-track its progress;

  • More community-based outreaches
  • The rebranded and improved Abjcoin commerce decentralized e-commerce marketplace.
  • Partnership with multi-national blockchain and cryptocurrency organization (satowallet is just one of those partnerships).
  • Listing on more exchanges
  • more Opportunities for entrepreneurs and cryptopreneurs to create more businesses through the Abjcoin commerce marketplace
  • And lots more.

To participate in the Abjcoin Commerce airdrop

You must do the following

  • Download satowallet mobile app (Android or IOS)
  • Add Abjcoin commerce to your Satowallet Coin Portfolio
  • Deposit your Abjcoin commerce
  • And fill the form

Fill this form to participate.

For more details kindly visit:

Abjcoin commerce: https://www.abjcoin.org

Satowallet: https://www.satowallet.com


Abjcoin commerce  https://twitter.com/abjcoincommerce

Satowallet: https://twitter.com/satowallet

Telegram: https://t.me/officialabjcoinchannel


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