COO Joins Blockchain iGaming Platform in Advisory Role

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Truegame has launched its ICO pre-sale to fund the development of their innovative new iGaming concept. The Truegame twist on regular iGaming utilizes blockchain technology, providing a smart contract-enabled platform. The pre-sale has been live as of March 5th, 2018, with the general event scheduled for launch April 16th, 2018.  

The team of professionals behind Truegame include top industry experts from both blockchain technology and iGaming backgrounds. It was recently announced Truegame would also be taking on Mate Tokay, COO of in an advisory capacity.

Mate Tokay, COO

Mate’s role as Chief Operating Officer at has molded him as one of the most vocal, active proponents of Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash. His personal goal is set to make cryptocurrencies as popular, and accessible as possible. Although Mate graduated from the International Business School in Budapest during 2012, it was not until late 2012 that he was made aware of the Bitcoin phenomenon. Mid 2013 he began mining using custom-built ASIC miners, and went on to found the renowned Bitcoin news and review website Bitcoinist. Since 2015 he has been focused on the project of developing and refining

Mate commented on the Truegame project, noting that he was excited about the transparency the application would bring to the gambling industry. The use of blockchain technology ensures there can be no cheating or manipulation during play. The ideas behind Truegame reflect Mate’s personal philosophy, and ideological endeavors. Although there are many games presented on the platform, Mate believes Truegame stands out particularly strong among them. Mate will also purse a role in PR and promotion in big scale media alongside his advisory role with Truegame.

About Truegame

TrueGame is a blockchain, smart contract based iGaming platform. The innovative technology behind it settles the issue of transparency that challenges the gaming community. The blockchain technology provides an open registry displaying every potential game outcome in a format incapable of manipulation. The blockchain provides these combinations with an entirely random bias, leaving the potential to win at the hands of luck and mathematical probability. In line with the platforms commitment of absolute trust with it’s users, the blockchain network holds the responsibility to distribute dividends won within the rules of the game. Players will receive their winnings via the smart contract technology featured on the platform.

The Truegame roadmap sets out a plan for crypto integration for the upcoming year, with Bitcoin integration set for March 2018, followed by Litecoin, DASH, and DOGECOIN the following month. Other important events scheduled are the iOS app release in May 2018, followed by a hackathon in June 2018 to test and potential vulnerabilities. The Truegame ecosystem uses the TGAME utility token as the primary currency, with 70% of the tokens for sale during the the token sale event.

The Truegame Token Sale

TrueGame hit their soft cap target after just 5 days, with the small hard cap set at 9 million USD. The platform has become the most evaluated project among pundits, with 59 experts giving it a rating of 4.8/5. The community on telegram has since grown to exceed 9,000 members. With this level of success prom participants so far, Truegame looks set to achieve the new era of iGaming they are looking for.

To learn more about Truegame visit the website, read the whitepaper and connect with Truegame on Telegram.

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