CEO Responds to Coinbase’s Complaints About EOS Network’s Performance

/latest/2020/02/block-one-ceo-responds-to-coinbases-complaints-about-eos-networks-performance/ CEO Responds to Coinbase’s Complaints About EOS Network’s Performance

On Tuesday (February 25), Brendan Blumer, Co-Founder and CEO of, (the company that develops the EOSIO protocol that powers the EOS platform), responded to Coinbase’s concerns about EOS network’s “degraded performance levels.”

Here is how it all started…

On February 20, Coinbase said via a system status report that “EOS network has degraded performance” and that it was “investigating this issue”.

Then, on February 22, Coinbase Support tweeted about the EOS network’s “degraded performance levels”, linking to the aforementioned status report:

One of the leading EOS block producers, EOS Nation, sent the following reply to Coinbase Support’s tweet:

Earlier today, the CEO sent a series of tweets to explain that the performance problems being experienced by Coinbase were not because EOS was too slow, but rather the opposite, i.e. that the most likely explanation was that the architecture Coinbase’s applications for regulatory reporting needed to be improved to so that these applications could keep up with the speed and volume of EOS transactions:

He also said that is trying to help Coinbase with “their performance issues”:


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