Monero (XMR) Reflects 3% Drop in Intraday Price

Monero price is tremendously falling during the intraday trading. The fall in the price seems to take the currency to an extreme low. A few weeks ago, the XMR price was spotted dealing around $46. The same was recorded as the 90-days low. Today, XMR coin is dealing at $53. The massive fall is scaring the traders.

Monero Price Prediction

Monero Price

Yesterday, Monero started dealing at $54.49. The price fell to $53.40 by 2.01%. Further, the price escalated to $54.61 by 2.24% hike. Amid ups and downs, the XMR price slipped to $53.56. Later, the coin jumped to $54.26 by 1.31%. Monero price dropped once again to $53.65 by 1.09%. The intraday movement of the coin brought 0.98% regression. Today, the price fell to $53.16 by 1.49%. Later, the coin price jumped to $53.96 by 1.51%, but again slipped and touched $53.22.

The intraday movement doesn’t reflect any sign of improvement. Monero price is trading at $53.63, which is near to the immediate support level. It won’t be surprising if the coin touches it in some hours.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $55.19
R2 $56.13
R3 $56.84
Support Level Price
S1 $53.54
S2 $52.83
S3 $51.89

The day traders can pick Monero for a considerable profit. However, the current situation wouldn’t be the right time to dig-in. The interested traders are recommended to hold for some time and wait for a recovery in the market.

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