Major Ethereum explorer blocked by China’s Great Firewall

  •, ethereum block explorers has been blocked by China’s firewall. 
  • It is one of the longest-running and most widely used ethereum block explorers


China’s Great Firewall, which is a tool that is used for the banning of Chinese citizens using sites like Google and Facebook, has listed a major explorer for Ethereum’s (ETH) blockchain.

As per data findings from non-profit monitoring organization GreatFire, China allegedly blocked one of the most popular ETH block browsers, Etherscan, in October 2019., one of the longest-running and most widely used Ethereum block explorers, was inaccessible from IP addresses inside mainland China, based on tests performed locally.

CEO of blockchain firm Sino Global Capital commented on these reported findings and said:

This is another instance of friction between the decentralized and immutable technology of blockchain and the tightly controlled, centralized government of China. We should expect additional problems like these in the future as blockchain is integrated further into the Chinese economy and daily life.

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