Which Monero Wallet to use?

Monero is one of the most popular anonymous cryptocurrencies because of its high security, privacy and strong technology. Today we present some wallets that you can use when dealing with Monero.

Monero Webwallet

Similar to myetherwallet.com, there is also a webwallet for Monero. You can find it at wallet.mymonero.com . You can also create a new wallet (“Create new wallet”) or to access an existing one. If you create a new, you must necessarily keep the passphrase.

When accessing Webwallets, it is important to always be careful with Monero. There are certain questions which one should always consider. Is the internet address not a fake (phishing danger)? Is the local device not infected (a Trojan could read the passphrase from the clipboard)? For the former, one should always take a look at the lock next to the address bar, which indicates whether it is a secure connection. For the latter, a good antivirus program should always be kept up to date. If these measures are taken, a Webwallet can be advantageous and can be used easily and platform-independently.

Monero Desktop Wallets

Desktop wallets are available for different operating systems. Already mentioned webwallet is mymonero.com. It has recently also launched a desktop wallet for Windows, iOS and Linux. Furthermore, the Monero GUI , is the official desktop wallet. Monero GUI is the oldest and most distinguished Monero wallet for desktop computers. You can operate a local node or connect to another node.

Monero Mobile Wallets

There are several monero wallets for mobile devices. For the iPhone, we recommend the Cake Wallet . It offers special features such as face recognition and an integrated Exchange for the exchange of XMR in BTC, DASH, LTC, ETH and BCH. For Android devices, you can use the Monerujo Wallet , which also provides an integrated exchange.

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