Tim Draper pumping XRP: Predicts the price will soar in the short term – Ripple News

The prominent venture investor, Tim Draper, is bullish on Ripple’s XRP. In reply to a question about XRP’s future, Draper said that XRP would experience explosive growth in the short term. He wrote that experts agree that the crypto winter is coming to an end, which means that the period of market decline is over, and soon, we will expect growth and a favorable mood to enter the market.

He further mentioned that Bitcoin generally sets the mood of the market, and by that logic, XRP should have grown beyond the level of $0.6, or even $0.9 by now. He also defended Ripple by saying that to call Ripple developers’ actions wrong is impossible.

Tim Draper praised Ripple, saying that the company is actively developing, expanding the sphere of influence, enlisting the support of large financial institutions, and constantly improving the technology of transfers. Draper called the current XRP situation a clam before the storm.

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