Port Strategy | Blockchain trial signals logistics boost

The Blockchain pilot scheme was coordinated and part-financed by the Marseille Fos port authority. Image: Port of Marseille Fos

Completion of a blockchain pilot scheme coordinated and part-financed by a French port authority has shown the solution’s scope for enhancing intermodal freight movements.

The scheme carried out by the Marseille Fos port authority has demonstrated Blockchain’s scope for enhancing intermodal freight movements on major French logistics axis the Mediterranean-Rhone-Saone (MeRS) corridor.

Results from trials held over recent months have now been reviewed at a meeting hosted by the port and demonstrated that harmonisation of the digital transport chain improved fluidity, reliability and competitiveness of pre- and post-forwarding on the crucial hinterland axis.

Focused on export processes between Lyon and Marseille Fos, the pilot was carried out by cargo tracking specialist Marseille Gyptis International (MGI); BuyCo, which provides shippers with a collaborative platform simplifying container imports and exports; and Blockchain solutions company KeeeX.  Using the KeeeX Stories solution, the tests were supported by various manufacturing companies together with their road and river transport suppliers.

The Blockchain solution allows users to share access to protected data ranging from customs documentation to cargo tracking including the loading/discharge, weight and origin/destination of containers.

The project is being overseen by an inter-ministry MeRS development body as a key part of national port strategy and the French Smart Port in Med initiative.  Alongside Marseille Fos, the pilot was financed by La Banque des Territoires – an arm of public sector investment institution Caisse des Depots – and waterways bodies Voies Navigables de France and La Compagnie Nationale du Rhone.

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