Ripple and MoneyGram are raking it in: MoneyGram stocks get a $3.43 boost

Ripple and MoneyGram have been best buddies since the xRapid launched and this partnership has paid off for both of them. MoneyGram is making some big bucks while the XRPL is gaining popularity with the community.

When Ripple and MoneyGram had made their agreement in summer, MoneyGram received an overwhelming one hundred and fifty (150%) rise in its price shares. The new charts from the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) say otherwise. These charts show a three hundred and fifty percent (350%) increase in MoneyGram’s price shares since then.

Ripple and MoneyGram can’t get closer than this

Ripple deciding to stake in its thirty million dollars ($30M) in a cross-border payments option was never thought by MoneyGram- would favor them as such. Surely, the profits would be big and we saw that with the initial one hundred and fifty-three percent (153.79%) surge in MoneyGram’s share price which, by the way, rose up to two dollars (2.23).

After the three hundred and fifty percent (350%) surge in the share price, we have MoneyGram shares at five dollars ($5.66). They don’t seem to be stopping here and might end up in the six dollars ($6) territory.

It was recently reported that MoneyGram also launched a debit card deposit service incorporation with Visa Direct in the US as well today. The debit card service will make XRP the first token to be used via a banking card, to date.

The CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse is also to appear on CNN due September 11. He has an interview and his appearance might be an easy way to distinguish fact from fiction.

Ripple and MoneyGram have along way to go but their success is being paved along the path that they have chosen together. In a post, it was evident that Jed McCaleb wasn’t the only one that’s making huge transactions on the Ripple network.

The xRapid platform is one speculation and is likely to be true now, given the facts that both the firms have seen mass movements in their assets.


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