We have to earn people’s trust: CEO, Coinbase

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong believes that today’s financial system is inadequate in many respects, and some problems need to be resolved as soon as needed.

Armstrong recently attended a meeting organized by Coinbase and made some statements about the future of both the company and the cryptocurrency sector.

Coinbase has a long-known goal: to increase the number of crypto-currency users worldwide to 100 million.   at Armstrong’s meeting, he reemphasized this goal and showed that the company’s target still hasn’t changed.

One Step at a Time,

It is not an easy process to remove the total number of users up to 100 million. However, Armstrong believes they can develop step by step in this process.

Coinbase Management is investing in a variety of cryptocurrency companies to increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies and to improve the industry. The company had created a program called Coinbase Ventures in line with this goal. This was just one of the company’s steps.

Financial access,

One of the most important issues that cryptocurrency companies need to focus on is financial access, according to the statements made by Armstrong.

Today, there are millions of people who can’t get any banking service, Armstrong believes they can serve these people.

According to Armstrong, if cryptocurrency companies take serious issues such as financial access and cybersecurity and act accordingly, people can start to really trust these companies.


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