Ripple’s B2B strategy is helping people build new business, says Ripple’s Audience Marketing Director

Ripple is synonymous to ‘Tsunami’ when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Although most crypto businesses have made headlines for duping investors, the “frictionless payments” pioneer has taken crypto adoption to the next level. To sum up the current state of affairs, Shanna Leonard, Sr. Director of Audience Marketing at Ripple said in a conference,

“Ripple is not just selling a technology project to financial institutions. We are working with regulators in every country around the world to educate, influence and provide the needed direction.”

Source: Reddit

Considering the dominant B2B (business-to-business) approach taken by the payments company, Leonard highlighted that Ripple’s initiative to solve the cross-border predicament is mainly “helping the customers build new business.” She added,

“It’s (Ripple) opening new markets, building new products and services, attracting new customers, and helping businesses to market to their end customer.”

Leonard also stressed on the fact the Ripple is strictly targeting financial institutions while explaining the company’s role in filling the existing gaps of the global payments ecosystem. As of currently, Ripple  boasts over 200 banking partners across the globe that will eventually leverage RippleNet and digital assets, namely XRP, for faster and cheaper cross border payments.

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