Litecoin {LTC} wavers after reaching $99, fails to pull through as new wallet announced for Confidential Transactions

The halving event is now 2 days away. As HODLers and investors anxiously wait for 5th of August, a new release from Litecoin was posted via Twitter. Check it out:

For now, the Awesome Oscillator is below the zero line, which indicates selling pressure. Although, the latest peak is quite close to the line, which may signal a change in trend in a while.

In case of MACD [Fast length-12; Slow lenght-26], a transition point was observed on 25th July. From then onwards the bars have been green, which points to a buy signal. as you can see the blue line venture above the orange line if you head to observe the daily chart on tradingview.

The RSI for 10 periods sits at 48.84 and is pointed upwards presently. This is a neutral number, as the value isn’t above 70 [for overbought zone] or below 30[for oversold zone]. There was bullish divergence noted near the end of the previous month, as the price started to rally.

You can see the Ichimoku Cloud lagging span intersect with the lead 1 and lead 2[within the duo lies the cloud] right before 22nd June, the point till which the market was bullish for a majority of the altcoins. So far, the cloud has been green.

Litecoin is ranked at #4 on coinmarketcap. The price of LTC is at $96.09, and a decline rate of 1.65% was noted. The trading volume recorded in the course of the past 24-hours is $2.891 billion, whereas the supply has 62,940,543 LTC tokens in play as of this moment. The total market cap of Litecoin is $6.047 billion.

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