After Litecoin {LTC}, ZCash {ZEC} joins the Flexa bandwagon; Anthony Pompliano remains optimistic

The Litecoin halving is scheduled to take place after three days [the date set is 5th August]. Till then, LTC has a small possibility of reaching beyond $105, but this isn’t expected. Although, the price may surge as the demand grows following the halvening,as predicted by Charlie Lee and David Schwartz.

The Flexa integration [for the SPEDN wallet] had helped Litecoin gain bullish force in the market. This is something ZCash needs, as the “friendly-fork” and the birth of YCash have not been beneficial for the parent chain so far. The CEO and co-founder of Flexa, Tyler Spalding, thinks that ZCash is the best choice for “protecting privacy and promoting global economic freedom across the Flexa network”.

ZCash is ranked at #25 on coinmarketcap. The price of ZEC rose by a slight 0.03% in a span of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $133.954 million, whereas the supply has 7,100,981 ZEC tokens in play. The total market cap of ZCash is $478.166 million, and this altcoin is privacy-centered [for more information, read up on zk-SNARKs]

Did you respond to this alert posted by HuobiGlobal yesterday? If so, there’s a high chance Lee will be responding to your question soon. AMA sessions have become quite common in the cryptosphere.

In the chart on tradingview for the Litecoin/Dollar pairing, the daily RSI is at 50.02 and is moving in the lower direction. Also, the sell signals [from 23rd June to 20th July] have been a lot stronger [according to the data provided by the Awesome Oscillator].

The Ichimoku Cloud signifies bearish presence in the market presently. The lagging span has caught up with the price which indicates stagnation and the possibility of further losses. The market might look a lot different on 6th August, post-halving.

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