“100 million people will start using Cryptocurrencies,” – Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that his company is seeking to create an open financial system and force “100 million people to start using cryptocurrencies,”

According to Armstrong, Coinbase will continue to play a leading role in the development and promotion of blockchain technology:

“We can really change the law, you know, bend this curve and significantly change the economic freedom of the whole world with what we are going to do. Coinbase’s vision is to create more economic freedom for every person and business in the world over the next ten years. ”

On the way to this goal, Coinbase will continue to invest in industry startups through its Coinbase Ventures incubation program. The company will also present a series of products aimed at lowering the threshold of entry into the crypto industry and expanding opportunities for earning new assets.

“Coinbase cannot do it alone — we need thousands of companies,” Armstrong added.

According to him, the company has so far invested in 50 or 60 startups. Among other things, Armstrong added that Coinbase over time “has become the largest custodian really focused on compliance” and forging links with traditional financial institutes.

Coinbase’s head also pinned considerable hopes on security tokens and initial exchange offerings (IEOs ), which could have a significant impact on industry development. He is confident that the focus on cyber and financial security is key to user confidence in the company.

Armstrong also expressed the hope that “in 5-10 years, a billion people will gain access to an open financial system through Coinbase products.”



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