Crypto Market Plummets $58 Billion as Major Coins Drop 30% in Bloodletting

The global cryptocurrency market lost $58 billion in a flash crash on Thursday morning as bitcoin makes a retreat. The combined value of the world’s cryptocurrencies dropped from $386 billion to $328 billion – a 14.9% loss overall.

Just hours previously Bitcoin had been flirting with the $14,000 mark; now, BTC is struggling to keep a foothold on $11,500.

Worst affected was the altcoin market, which saw one cryptocurrency lose in excess of 30% in a flash. Major cryptocurrencies didn’t avoid the carnage either, with Litecoin, EOS and Bitcoin SV all losing close to, or in excess of 20%.

Bitcoin Flash Crash: Altcoins Bleed Out

Minor altcoins bled out profusely on Thursday morning. Among the cryptos listed on CoinMarketCap’s front page, Energi (NRG) took the worst hit.

NRG traded at a price of $9.43 on Wednesday evening. Just over twelve hours later and it had lost 32.6% of its value, falling to $6.35.

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