XRP: SendFriend Uses Ripple’s xRapid For Faster and Cheaper Transactions to the Philippines!

“Sending money to the Philippines has never been easier! How do we do it? By using blockchain technology to innovate the money transfer process!” – quoted SendFriend, a cross border remittance service, which will accept Ripple XRP as a main medium of transaction soon enough!

When a Client asked a query , they admitted to using Ripple’s xRapid.

“We use the xRapid network, which does use XRP. However, right now, you can’t send enterprise payments using SendFriend, only personal payments. It’s in the roadmap for the future, though.”

The SendFriend money remittance platform is the brainchild of committed MIT individuals. The group envisions a world where workers can affordably send money to support their families. They have therefore leveraged on blockchain technology to cut down these costs as well as settlement times.

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