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  • Wietse Wind highlights the utilities incorporated with Xign, the XRP’s mobile banking App
  • The motive behind the invention of the App
  • Date the App will be launched

Ripple XRP keeps enlarging its coast in the payment industry day by day. The aim is to completely govern its contemporaries with the right attitude.

Ripple XRP has been taking the right steps to the much expected destination in the global payment industry. It comes with new inventions daily in order to outperform other reputable services in its chain.

Weitse Wind announced the development of a new mobile App called Xign. The XRP TipBot creator, Wietse Wind, has recently highlighted the Utilities embedded in the new App for XRP holders.

The notification of the invented mobile App was first passed across by Wietse Wind during an event sponsored by Bitrue exchange in Amsterdam, which had XRP community members in attendance.

Xign is intended to be multifunctional, making it not limited to just sending digital currency from one user’s wallet to another. The App is rightly described as true mobile banking platform.

Wietse Wind Highlights Utilities Embedded in Xign

Wietse Wind, the software programmer that invented XRP TipBot, took time to shed more light on the utilities users will be opened to when Xign is finally launched.

According to Wind in his reply to a tweet, the upcoming App will be very suitable for XRP balance enquiry and transactions. He continued by stressing that Ripple’s XRP will still remain the native asset even if users opt to choose IOU issued by XRPL as base currency.

Wind also hinted that the additional function to be leveraged by XRP holders, which is meant to be added to Xign later, is Prepaid ILP Wallet.

He said:

“The app will definitely be very suitable for XRP balances and transactions as well. While you can mark any XRPL issued IOU as base currency, XRP will stay the native asset. Additional services like the “prepaid ILP wallet” (we’re adding that later) will be in XRP as well.”

He added that when accepting a payment request from a friend, business or in a store, users will be opened to select any preferable balance.

The Date Xign Will Be Released

In the same conversation on twitter, a presumed Ripple XRP community member, who is anticipating the launch of the multifunctional Mobile Banking App, asked Wietse Wind about the date Xign will be released.

“This is amazing. What a great idea. Wietse Wind is a true genius. Do we know when it’s being released?”

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In response to the question, he said “We’ll release it when it’s ready. We rather spend a few more months and get it right. But we’re definitely looking at a beta release this year.”

According to Wind, the utilities incorporated with the mobile banking App is aimed at fast-tracking the mass adoption of Ripple XRP and all cryptocurrency at large.

State of Ripple XRP in the Market

At press time, Ripple XRP is trading at approximately $0.43 with 3% price increase in the last 24 hours. Xign is expected to increase the usability of XRP, which would expose its functionality to vast numbers of potential investors.


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