When it Comes to Security, Bitcoin [BTC] Is as Vulnerable as Monero [XMR] Says Monero Dev


When It Comes To Security, Bitcoin [BTC] Is as Vulnerable As Monero [XMR] Says Monero Dev

In a recent talk dubbed, Monero Talk, held on YouTube by host, Douglas Tuman, Monero’s developer, Jethro Grassie spoke of both the giant crypto and Monero. Some of the aspects that were highlighted throughout the one-hour talk involved the similarities and differences between the two. What might have gotten one’s attention is Grassie’s claims regarding BTC’s security.

As reported by AMB Crypto, Grassie has since argued that Bitcoin and Monero do not differ when one considers the security aspect, highlighting the fact that both are equally vulnerable, but due to different factors. That is, while XMR might be affected by “undetected inflation”, BTC is just as affect but more so “susceptible to private keys being decoded from public keys,” reports the news outlet. Here’s an extract of what Grassie had shared:

“If it’s about security then Bitcoin is really just as vulnerable as Monero is on those terms because they both rely on this discreet logarithm not being broken.”

One aspect of BTC that the Monero Dev was not buying was that of the transparent ledger – especially the prior assumptions that noted BTC as being “tuned out”, which the Dev described as simply being “load of crap”.

Another moment during the talk that seemed to have affected Grassie was supposedly when a member criticized XMR’s inability to audit the security aspects, adding that this could be solely due to the lack of formal order, something that is held incognito and serves as nothing more than computational binding.

Grassie responded by saying that computational binding should not be taken so lightly, as it supports the elliptic curve cryptograph, something that involves the hardness of its discrete logarithm problem. Furthermore, he calls any claims made with the lack of understanding on “hardness” is nothing but “nonsense”.

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