Facebook’s GlobalCoin to make Ripple XRP Redundant?! Cryptocurrency Experts Warn that this will happen!

Ripple’s XRP of late has not been able to surge upwards even with Brad Garlinghouse roping in big financial institutions to support the ecosystem of the altcoin!

This might just be because XRP is losing the niche it had carved for itself. Demand for coins which do the same thing as XRP has risen and the once sole investor base for XRP is slowly filtering out into these newly sprung coins.

Another reason is the new arrival of major competition from the biggies like JPMorgan, and now Facebook’s GlobalCoin.

According to Max Keiser, a famous Crypto-commenter , GlobalCoin has the potential to make all other altcoins redundant in the “institutionalizing” game and this will majorly affect XRP!


Crypto Destroyer

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