EOS announces launch of Tether [USDT] on its blockchain as it receives support from Coinbase

Block.One, at the end of May, announced that “something big was going to happen” on June 1 in Washington DC. There were no further details revealed as to what the announcement was or what it could lead to. There was also a teaser released during the announcement.

Block.One also purchased RAM worth 3.3 million via its EOS token as a preparation for their announcement. One of the speculated reasons for the purchase was that Block.One might be looking at building a large decentralized app, which could be a social media platform. This was later ascertained through a tweet by Daniel Larimer, who often provides opinion on EOS activities.

According to a Bloomberg report, Block.One also announced a buy-back of 10% of its shares, which were priced at $1,500, putting Block.One’s valuation at $2.2 billion.

However, a day before June 1, Coin Jazeera managed to access the transcript for The June 1st Block.One announcement. The transcript was that of Brendan Blumer, the CEO of Block.One and was written in first-person.

According to the transcript, Blumer would start the announcement by stating,

“To our valued EOS Community, Block.One stakeholder, BP cartels, and the World.”

He would then continue to clarify that the announcement was not regarding Tether’s migration to EOS, its Coinbase listing, or a new Twitter application.

Blumer would then go on to rest speculations regarding a potential partnership with Facebook, Apple or Google. He then adds,

“It’s been a long road for Block.One. There were moments when we were afraid we would be held accountable, but with the help and guidance of our trusted and loyal CTO Dan Larimer, who has had four successful “exits”, we were able to achieve our mission of making as much money as we possibly could.”

Blumer then thanks the CTO and brands him as the benchmark for measuring their own success. The transcript then reads,

“It’s been a long road as you know. We did a year-long ICO for a project we knew would never work, but we endured. With your money, we raised $4 billion, the largest financial raze in history. We are indebted to every non-accredited VPN user from the United States for believing that we could overtake Ethereum. We didn’t, but thanks for believing anyway.”

Lastly, he thanks Justin Sun for taking all the media attention for his centralized DPos blockchain, instead of theirs. He concludes by saying,

“That’s all I have to share today. We don’t have any other news. As for your money? It’s parked safely in the Cayman Islands and in U.S. Government Bonds making a comfortable yield.”


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