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Cardano (ADA), the world’s first research driven third generation blockchain technology, is employing a proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism characterized as being resource-friendly and secured, and users are eyeing the development as a landmark change in the blockchain space.

Cardano, through its partner, EMURGO, has however stepped up its zeal for greatness in the blockchain space. At the last IOHK summit which took place in Miami, USA on April 18, 2019, EMURGO announced the imminent launch of a blockchain explorer which is yet another prominent development for Cardano.

Tagged Seiza, the CTO at EMURGO, Nicolás Arquero, and Sebastien Guillemot, the R&D Engineering Lead made a detailed presentation about the upcoming release on the summit stage.

What You Need To Know About Cardano (ADA) Blockchain Explorer, Sieza

Seiza is an initiative of EMURGO which reveals its Japanese heritage. The the sole aim Seiza is to drive the adoption of Cardano. The block explorer is scheduled for release before the end of May 2019.

Sieza was initiated out of the need to satisfy users’ yen in tracking transaction. For optimum transparency, the cryptocurrency search engine web tools, blockchain or block explorers, requires a tracing tool, and that is what Sieza offers.

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Sieza helps users search for data relating to past & pending transactions, blocks, transaction history, and other info associated with blockchain. The over 2.4 million validated blocks processed by Cardano blockchain is never a burden for the new blockchain explorer, as it allows ADA users track their transaction instantaneously.

Cardano (ADA) Shelley Era Makes Users Partake In Stake Pools

The forthcoming transition of Cardano blockchain network from the Byron Era to the Shelley Era has been tipped of permitting users to participate in stake pools, making them open to incentives.

Staking is crucial in a public blockchain protocol utilizing PoS. As users stake more ADA to validate transactions, the chances to create blocks increases and users earn more reward.

Users have to be online at all time to stake pools that is run by multiple users. However, Seiza holds another great benefit here. With Sieza, ADA holders can have direct access to real time data of these stake pools. This is another important blockchain data Sieza helps users to track.

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Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, reiterated the need for transparency in the blockchain protocol of Cardano, adding that Seiza came in handy for Cardano.

“I am excited to see that EMURGO has developed such a useful and innovative product for the Cardano community”. Hoskinson said.

The CTO of EMURGO, Nicolas Arqueros, in his own statement disclosed the company’s commitment to the advancement of Cardano ecosystem.

“Seiza is an essential user friendly tool that EMURGO was excited to develop to further the advancement of the Cardano ecosystem,” Arqueros said.

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