New Gemini “Crypto And Coffee” Ad Campaign Wants You To Talk About Bitcoin, Ethereum And Altcoins, Here’s Why That’s Important!

About the company

The Gemini Trust Company is a New York Trust company founded by the brothers Winklevoss, Cameron and Tyler who are making more waves in the cryptoverse than they did in the 2010 Mark Zuckerburg biopic, “The Social Network.” The company like most other crypto exchanges allows it’s consumers to buy/sell and store their assets on a safe and secure digital platform. The company has come a long way from 2014 as according to a news report by CNBC, it became the first licensed Ether exchange in 2016.


Earlier this month, Gemini News, which is the social media crypto platform created for the firm by the Winklevoss twins started a much needed crypto awareness advertisement campaign that brought a much needed human element to an industry otherwise thought to be too technical to be considered conventionally fun.

Since the internet is still the most widely accessed source of information the world over, the company is hoping to use it as a tool to get this very important conversation going. Celebrity involvement in the world of blockchains and cryptos is one good way of getting the masses hyped up for more and while many are critical of the over-hyped idealizations people tend to harbor just because their favourite celebrity invested in Bitcoin, the Winklevoss twins aren’t just any two celebs. They’re big names in the cryptoverse and mostly for the right reasons too!

Excuse Me Ma’am, Do You Have Time To Talk About Our Lord And Saviour Bitcoin, Over Some Coffee?

The ad features a Gemini employee engaging normal people out in the streets of New York near the Zuccotti Park  while also serving up some hot coffee to stir up the conversation!

The short and succinct video is the perfect example of gauging the interests of your average consumers as it breaks down the idea behind Blockchain and crypto technology in a way that is both simplified and not condescending.


Gemini’s head of Business Development, Sara Olsen is featured in the first video where she talks about her opinion on the actual value of the Bitcoin as a network rather than a mere corporation.

This video is just the first in a wonderful series of videos under the same name which are available on the Gemini YouTube channel such as this next one about the importance of rules in the cryptoverse.


People on Twitter have had raving reviews about the short yet informative videos;

But as always some were quite skeptical and critical;

The response from followers may be a bit uncertain but we are here for initiatives such as these, especially if they help make crypto great again!

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