Litecoin community embraces new blue logo after successful UFC debut

The Litecoin foundation recently created a new design for Litecoin in partnership with the Australian based design firm, Token Agency. The Litecoin community was quick to adopt the new design.

The new blue Litecoin logo first appeared on the recently concluded UFC232, where the new design was used to allow the image of the coin to stand out on the ring.

The Litecoin foundation sponsored the main event featuring Jon Jones in a rematch versus Alexander Gustaffson.

Litecoin said at the time that Litecoin and the Litecoin Foundation had the opportunity to partner with some great companies and brands.

‘While we will continue to explore these opportunities in 2019, there are several reasons why we think it makes sense for Litecoin to step into UFC’s world-famous Octagon now.’

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According to ethereumworldnews, the Litecoin foundation is now encouraging businesses across the globe that accept LTC to use and promote the new blue logo.

‘As Litecoin users and holders, we wanted to apply our creative agency’s skillset to LTC in some way. Designing for the decentralized coin — and all the complexity that came with it — also seemed like an awesome challenge, one few creative agency’s were taking on.’

The Litecoin foundation first conducted a survey on /r/Litecoin , where they were asking the community’s input, critique and feedback on Litecoin’s branding .

‘With this in mind we spent the subsequent three months going through countless iterations as a team, before compiling a 65-page brand evolution. I then flew over to San Fran for the Litecoin Summit and presented the document to a few key members of the Litecoin Foundation to get their opinion. The reception was positive, so we continued work on the Litecoin brand, as well as projects for the Litecoin Foundation’, the foundation said.

The Reddit and Twitter Litecoin community were overly positive about the new logo design.

One Reddit user said that the new blue logo represents ‘the next evolution for Litecoin, which is mainstream adoption.’

What are your thoughts on the new blue logo? Let us know in the poll below.

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