Coinbase Won’t Recover After This New CoinDaddy Track

🎶😎Crypto rapper CoinDaddy goes after the $8 bln cryptocurrency exchange in his brand-new track ‘I’m Still on Coinbase’🎤

Crypto rapper CoinDaddy has dropped a new song called ‘I’m Still on Coinbase’, Breaker reports. The real estate agent who turned into a crypto millionaire dressed in a fake mink coat got semi-famous after releasing ‘Lambo Party’ and ‘Cryptomom’ (no, the latter track is not about Hester Peirce).

Taking a jab at Coinbase

CoinDaddy, whose real name is Arya Bahmanyar, is not deterred by the crypto winter, claiming that his songs became better. ‘I’m Still on Coinbase’ is addressing the recent controversy surrounding America’s number one exchange. The new track, which is a parody of Backstreet Boys’ signature hit ‘I Want It That Way’, is supposed to encourage Coinbase users to take their private keys off the Brian Armstrong-led exchange.

CoinDaddy’s fan base

The crypto rapper says that men represent about 80 percent of his fan base since very few women will be excited to hear a song about holding private keys. However, he also recalled a story about a woman who came up to him during a crypto event and told him how much her eight-year-old son loved CryptoDaddy’s songs.

Everybody loves him  

CoinDaddy mentions that he would rather call himself a content creator than a rapper, and his songs ‘are not really hip-hop’. Nevertheless, his small community loves his stuff (even his cheesy ‘20K’ song). He claims that he hasn’t seen ‘a single negative in the comment section.’

Crypto Destroyer

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