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  • ARK project has announced its partnership with Wolfram Blockchain Labs
  • Support for ARK blockchain will be incorporated into Wolfram Language
  • The upgrade is currently rolling out among the limited number of beta testers

In their blog post published on March 11, 2019, ARK project has announced its partnership with Wolfram Blockchain Labs.

The ARK public API will be integrated into Wolfram Language, allowing programmers to access it. This integration is the latest of the 19 software development kits created by ARK, making it possible for developers using different programming languages to utilize ARK blockchain.

Offering Developers new Blockchain Tools

Programmers using Wolfram Language will be able to use and create transaction records of various blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and ARK. All data from ARK nodes will be available programmatically for analytics, application development, and computational exploration.

According to Christian Pasquel, Director of Connectivity for Wolfram Blockchain Labs, it was comparatively easy to integrate ARK blockchain with Wolfram because of the thought-out documentation and simplicity of the installation methods.

He further added:

“By supporting the ARK blockchain, we are joining an already active ARK developer community and opening the doors to a new dimension of blockchain computable data that will allow users and developers to create production-grade applications, as well as experimenting with ARK’s innovative technology, data structure and consensus.”

A High-level Language to Connect AI and Programmers

Wolfram Language is one of the most intuitive programming languages right now. There are several reasons why this is true:

  • It is a high-level language, meaning that it has a much shallower learning curve than low-level languages, such as C++
  • It aids the programmer with a set of AI tools. What’s more, it has a uniform, logical symbolic structure
  • The language is scalable and can be applied both for small and large programs
  • It can be deployed both locally and in the cloud

The company claims that the language is “the world’s most productive”; it is particularly popular among scientists. By integrating own blockchain into it, ARK will widen its user base, boosting the blockchain’s real-world use case count.

The support for ARK is being gradually released among the limited number of beta testers. The stable release will happen later this year.


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