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What is your background briefly?

My background is marketing and network enthusiast, started to learn from 2011 once handed one book, which was conceptual theory. Since, I have been working in active with social network operation, e-meeting with various professionals and bridged my network each other.

From two years ago, I found that blockchain technology empowers network, so far it has been pursuing just numbers, however, will be focusing on synergetic value by smart contract, so that dived into new world for innovation.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Yes, because I believe people will generate online incarnation as if it would behave likewise real world communication, in order to achieve successfully business handling regardless of geographically barriers.

I’m currently working on collaboration platform, CollaboGate, empowers project based expert assignment by making community. This concept comes from my experiences and philosophy, bringing more opportunities for individuals to access innovative projects. Commercially, business model will shift more flexible and project orientation, hence the communication itself moves as well as human interest.

Project style hiring admires me to realize changing structure from scratch, and given a impact from network as you are exploring objective. Life will shift more diversified, non-definitive destination in the future, so that we need to be ready for the day to upset our traditional obsession entails.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

Sure, we are running three points, consulting, research and platform. Consulting is for enterprises, teaching blockchain concept and business model building. Research is voluntary community, where we will be assembled and discuss project or topics related to blockchain industry. Platform is the SaaS service for new project, and early startups to make project based hiring community by themselves just using our service. This platform realizes new feature of business making primary in Asian market, we will collect your future talented fan community member, and they will commit your vision through contribution.

Besides, I’m taking responsibility at Government Blockchain Association Tokyo Chapter, which organizes local community, giving a chance to make speech related to public policy, and network opportunity.

Tell us more about open community, and direct impact for new business model? Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

Open community concept is not bran new things, we had open-source minded and open culture and many similar essences, but it had not been easy to make business through this concept, because openness is not leaving money to you.

However, we are gradually seeing the limitation of commercial network driven asset, that was theoretically defined by Robert Metcalfe. People becomes tendency to seek out their interest and divided by specific community. Within community, people convert to member and engage each other by sharing mutual interest. In this community aggregation, “how engage with them” is more precious key words rather than, “how much network do you have it”. Of course, network number is also influential business still yet, but it is weaker than engagement from community point of view.

Social network has taken the role of respectively “media” and “social” , but by saturated the network, it represents more like “media” functionality. So, “social” part needs to be covered instead of media itself, and community is assigned with this role.

If your community is openly and diversified, sharable idea and experiences, which is stronger than closed network, because even the social community, which comprehensively embraces media aspect, furthermore by aggregating knowledge and experiences from other, community is growing up themselves as well as proved by Google or Facebook algorithm.

They are representative Internet winner, but community winner will take it all the next.

We enjoyed your talk in Korea, what are your observations about Korea’s level of blockchain usage / will we see more innovation coming from Korea?

Thank you. I’m proud to be joined with them and figure out the wisdom from their experiences, Potentially, they will become blockchain hub in Eastern Asian Market. Since their mentality is coming from diversified absorption, that is stronger than single nation idea making.

And government pushes new challenges it means the arrangement condition. In order to pave business environment, we need regulatory attention and powers for private business. I’m personally foreseeing through this conference, government is trying to understand new technology, and using that for public society.

This attitude leads to innovation even it takes more decades, but surely happens in the future.

Tell us about the Japanese blockchain scene, what types of innovation can we expect to see come from Japan over the next few years?

Japan is forerunning to set crypto regulation related to exchange. It was very great stance and speedy judgement learning from past financial crisis. During the rise of crypto prices, more and more request to start business in Japan, and favorably people want to start anything in this country.

But, when it comes to see innovative narration, we have to be apart from regulatory rule and invest more new technology. Otherwise, we are not able to last our business by our own without government support, weaken capacities in consequences.

I’m watching two parts of space to be used blockchain technology in Japan,
?Voting System
?Payment Solution

These above points are lead by government, e-voting, and cashless society. Regarding, e-voting, young politicians try to approach senior policy maker, approves new system permission to integrate e-voting system. Apparently, we are in the loss with traditional paper vote, but many seniors are against themselves. But recently, it is changing by advocate digital technology from chambers. It drives the leadership e-voting and using blockchain technology.

And cashless society is also the government wish to achieve, because of 2020 Olympics held in Tokyo, and EXPO 2025 in Osaka. It will be the international festival, so that government wants to take their initiative to bet on Japanese prides.

Government initiatives will push private company moving to choose new technology and spread out entire market.

How can people find out more about you & your work?

I’m quite so active on social media, Linkedin, Twitter, and our website CollaboGate is welcome for registration, so please come and connected for new innovation.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

I’m very appreciated with this interview and willing to make enjoyable work with project based environment with you! Looking forward to working with you together!

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