Second Annual Mammoth Film Festival Will Be Sponsored by the Litecoin Foundation

The Litecoin Foundation has reached several milestones this year, including their partnership with UFC 232 (Jones vs Gustaffson). Now, they are breaking into Hollywood! The Mammoth Film Festival, which is being held for the second year in a row in Mammoth Lakes, California, is their next target, as they have recently agreed to be the sponsor of the event. The festival is scheduled to begin on the 7th of February and conclude on the 11th.

The prize for the winning filmmaker for 2019 at this festival will be Litecoin, along with other rewards. The Litecoin Foundation plans to include some of its own team members at the festival, educating attendees on different information about cryptocurrency while rubbing elbows with celebrities and filmmakers. One of the many activities that they are bringing to the event is the creation of crypto wallets for the participants, though they will also be demonstrating the effectiveness of using LTC.

The creator of Litecoin and the Litecoin Foundation’s managing director, Charlie Lee, spoke on the positive impact that the event could have on mainstream crypto adoption. He said,

“When we spoke to the festival’s founders, they immediately expressed the growing enthusiasm and support for Litecoin we’re seeing amongst the filmmaking community. As we push for mainstream adoption, it makes sense to partner with a festival that is comprised of people who bring new ideas and visions to the world through the content they create, and one we can grow with through the years.”

The president of the Mammoth Film Festival, Tanner Beard, said that the adoption of this evolving technology, amongst others in the industry, is a necessity for the film. Beard reiterated that the Litecoin Foundation easily captures the priority that these technologies should be.

This festival is a celebration of the work of the film industry and the people that make it possible. At these events, showing off a wide variety of media styles is essential, and the snowy location at this time of year provides exciting entertainment for attendees.

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