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Don’t ask us to take off our tin foil hats! There are multiple allegations that QuadrigaCX might have played us all

QuadrigaCX, one of Canada’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, appears to be in a serious predicament — its customers can’t get access to $190 mln worth of crypto after its CEO, Gerald Cotton, unexpectedly died from Crohn’s disease in India. Cotton was the only person who had access to the virtual keys to the exchange’s cold wallets, and many people suspect that the whole thing could be a huge exit scam.   

Is he really dead?

The unfortunate death of the Canadian crypto CEO might not have even happened at all. Multiple scam allegations are picking up steam after the news spread like wildfire across numerous news outlets.

However, Freddie Heartline, one of QuadrigaCX’s very first customers, who also happens to be Cotton’s longtime friend, believes that these accusations do not have any substance. He claims that Cotton was ‘a really nice guy’ who wouldn’t be able to pull off an exit scam.       

The CEO’s widowed wife Jennifer Robertson revealed that she received multiple death threats from disgruntled customers. Cotton’s will was yet another log on the fire given that it was signed two weeks prior to his ‘unexpected’ demise with (you guessed it) Robertson being the sole executor. The alleged death certificate didn’t cool down the exchange’s users, who think that it is bogus. Notably, the certificate was issued in Nova Scotia, not India.

It is also worth mentioning that several outgoing transactions have been detected after Cotton’s death, which took place on Dec. 9, 2018. Obviously, that doesn’t fit the narrative.   

On Oct. 29, U.Today also reported about another Canadian exchange, MapleChange, facing the wrath of its users after an unexpected hacking attack gave ground to suspicions about a potential exit scam.

QuadrigaCX is currently seeking creditor protection to prevent any lawsuits from disgruntled customers. The court hearing will take place on Feb. 5.

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