Reddit User Alerts of New Coinbase Email Phishing Text Scam to Fake Login

Reddit user alerts to Coinbase phishing scam

A reddit user (username u_asparagus_) has alerted readers of a possible phishing scam in the /r/bitcoin subreddit.

The user posted a screenshot of the alleged phishing attempt in the form of a message from the exchange.

Coinbase Phishing Texts are being sent out! The link directs to a fake coinbase login. Be careful!! from Bitcoin

The text message asks the user to “please verify amount received 12 BTC” and then a link to the address, which is widely speculated to be a fake website that intends to steal people’s crypto balance.

There have been several phishing attacks on crypto users this year, including users on the site

The site had to temporarily suspend their services following an a compromised redirect attack on their users.

As previously reported by Bitcoin Exchange Guide, the attack appears to have been carried out on Localbitcoins by using a DNS spoofing attack, with hackers hijacking users to a fake url that they control to steal their cryptocurrency.

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