Red numbers in the crypto markets – ethereum declines over 3,5 percent

After a few days of relatively unchanged prices, the crypto markets have declined over the last 24 hours. At the moment, around 76 of the 100 biggest cryptocurrencies show red numbers.

The market cap of all cryptocurrencies has also declined over the last 24 hours – from $113 billion yesterday to $111 billion today.

That is a $2 billion decline.

Ethereum declines the most

When we look at the biggest cryptocurrencies, all of them show red numbers in the last 24 hours. Tether has once again regained the place as the world’s fifth-biggest cryptocurrency, which may indicate that many have sold their crypto assets for the stablecoin in order to not be exposed to the crypto market.

Looking at the biggest cryptocurrencies, ethereum (-3,53%) has declined the most. Also eos (-2,72%), xrp (-2,00%) and bitcoin (-1,19%) show red numbers.

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency bitcoin is currently trading at $3,421, which is around $40 lower than yesterday.

The cryptocurrencies on top 100 that performed the best during the last 24 hours were binance coin (+15,66%) and aurora (+13,38%), and the ones that performed the worst were bitcoiin (-46,01%) och pundi x (-12,69%).

Asset: Price: % (24h)*
Bitcoin $3 421,54 -1,19%
Xrp $0,292702 -2,00%
Ethereum $103,80 -3,53%
Eos $2,33 -2,72%
Tether $1,00 -0,21%

*All numbers in this article are from

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