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After a disappointing and bearish 2018, Litecoin (LTC) has shown that it can rise from the dust and succeed irrespective of the pessimism of many. Having taking over the position of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) is now sitting on the number 5 position on the list of top digital currencies in the world by market. The digital currency has been able to remain stable behind EOS (EOS), XRP (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

Litecoin (LTC) recently raised the optimism of a lot of investors and prominent personalities from the digital currency space by announcing a collaboration with the team of Beam to explore the possibility of implementing MimbleWimble for anonymous transactions. The blockchain project just surprised its community again with the recent announcement made by

Spend Users Can Now Carry Out Transactions with Litecoin (LTC) through Their Visa Card

After the issues with TenX and Litepay, the firm recently announced that its users can now carry out financial transactions with Litecoin (LTC) through their Visa card. With the mobile application of Spend, users have access to a multi-currency digital wallet that they can link to a bank account. As a result of this feature, Spend users will be able to sell, purchase, and carry out transactions in LTC through the Spend Visa Card. The Visa card converts the Litecoin (LTC) to the local currency of the user automatically.

The official announcement by the firm on Twitter read: “Litecoin (LTC) is no available on the SpendApp. You can buy, sell and #PaywithLitecoin with your linked bank account. Spend LTC at over 40 million locations with the Spend wallet by instantly converting to fiat with the Spend Visa Card.

LTC Now Has a Universally Accepted Visa Card

It is crucial to note that this kind of achievement has always been the goal of the team behind Litecoin (LTC). The most recent attempt they had was with TenX. At the moment, the project is ongoing. However, they have encountered a lot of difficulties in offering the promised Visa card to their users. This is mainly as a result of legal issues with the bank in charge of issuing the card.

Furthermore, the Litepay project was highly funded and promoted by Litecoin. Nevertheless, after a series of horrible Reddit AMA and delays, the LTC Foundation decided to withdraw their financial support for the project, and this altered the development of the project.

Litecoin (LTC) Price Today – LTC / USD

As per the announcement, the collaboration with Spend will enable over 40 million stores across the globe to accept Litecoin (LTC) as a payment with the support of the VISA network. This means transactions will be processed as if they are normal purchases with fiat currency. The firm has not released more information about the operations.

Nevertheless, Spend has been recognized by a lot of merchants and users in the community for being tested with other digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP (XRP). At the moment, the Spend App support more than sixteen digital currencies. According to the official website of Spend, card transactions are accepted in 180 countries.

So far, the founder of Litecoin (LTC) – Charlie lee – has not said anything on social media about the news. The LTC Foundation has also not made an official statement regarding the news or its implementation.

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