Jonesville library requests park property for new building

JONESVILLE — On Monday, the Friends of the Jonesville Library addressed the Jonesville Town Council to request use of property in Lila Swaim Park near the Yadkin Valley Senior Center as a location to build a new library.

Chair of the Friends group, Mendy Peles, told the council that documents were found at the library indicating the town had approved the property to be used for the purpose of a library at a meeting in 2016. The library subsequently withdrew its request for use of that property, Peles said.

As the library officials have continued to review options, they are again asking for use of the property to build a two-story building which would include a community center and library.

Mayor Gene Pardue said the board would like to visit the property and further discuss the possibility before making a decision. The topic was tabled until the March meeting.

Also discussed on Monday was a contract with LexiPol, a service for the police department which would rewrite policies and guidelines for officers and offer a mobile training module where officers could study and review those policies.

Police Chief Dane Mastin requested the council approve a contract which would be pro-rated for the remainder of this fiscal year from February through June in the amount of $2,686 and $6,446 for fiscal year 2019-20. The council requested additional time to consider the contract. The council members are expected to make a decision prior to their budget session, which is scheduled for Feb. 22.

Employees with the town’s water department were honored at Monday’s meeting for receiving an award from the Centers for Disease Control for water fluoridation. Town Manager Michael Pardue said Jonesville and Mount Airy were the only two towns in the district to receive the award. He explained fluoridated water benefits oral health and may even be the only form of dental care some children receive. Fluoride is known to reduce cavities. The award will be presented to staff at an upcoming meeting.

The council approved a renewal of the urban deer archery season for 2020 for Jan. 11 through Feb. 16. Spring clean-up dates also were set for April 1-5.

Town Finance Director Wendy Thompson requested approval for the placement of a storage shed behind the town hall. The Tourism Development Authority is covering the cost of the shed, which will be used to house a John Deere Gator vehicle, generator and for document storage. The council approved the request.

In his report to the board, Pardue noted the Jonesville Greenway Trails Association is working towards becoming a non-profit. The group would work on the greenway and apply for grants to continue to grow the trail in Jonesville.

Public Works Director Tim Collins said his department had been busy. He noted several smaller water leaks which had been repaired as well as two major leaks which were repaired last week.

Mastin gave a report to the council as well on the number of incidents and arrests for last month. He said a case involving stolen catalytic converters from cars at a car lot had been solved and his officers were continuing to assist other police departments to close their similar cases.

Code Enforcement Officer Brandon Emory gave a report to the council as well. He noted 26 cases he had been working on, 18 of which had been abated. He said open storage and debris around homes was the common infraction and most individuals he had spoken with were agreeable in cleaning up.

The council is scheduled to meet on Feb. 22 for its first budget session to begin working on the 2019-20 fiscal year budget. The next regular meeting of the Town Council is scheduled for March 18 at 7 p.m.

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