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We all know how disappointed you are with the current bitcoin situation. We have been stuck in the bear market for long however, some experts say that we are to expect a bitcoin rise. The situation might just turn bullish. So to lift up your mood we have ten facts that are bound to cheer you up.

Satoshi Nakamoto who?

It’s good to be reminded that Bitcoin’s founder is still unknown. Nobody has been able to guess his/her identity. The only thing we have is the name, Satoshi Nakamoto, otherwise, we are still unaware of who he is, what he does, are they even a he? Or a single entity? Nobody knows! Doesn’t this curious little case blow your mind from time to time?

One of the first transaction

May 22 was the day when one of the first transactions were made and it will be remembered as Pizza day. Everyone in the community knows that Laszlo Hanyecsz’s purchased two pizzas from Papa Johns of worth 10,000 Bitcoins. Back then this much was around $40.

Bitcoin has a limit

This one might be new for many and it’s true. Bitcoin has a limit. There will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins in the world and as of now, 17 million have been mined and we are left with 4 million only. After it has reached its limit, producing new coins will not be possible.

Crypto-friendly countries

Yeap, it’s a thing. Crypto-friendly countries exist and to name a few Malta, China, India, Georgia are the ones trying to achieve the maximum level of comfortability towards cryptocurrencies.

Countries are adapting to it and the even US, for that matter, is working on creating cryptocurrency taxes. Doesn’t all of this make you happy??

10% of Bitcoin is used for crime

So according to DEA, contrary to most belief, only 10% of bitcoin has been used in criminal activity. This myth was busted by a special agent from the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Honey Badger is Bitcoin’s unofficial mascot

Honey Badger’s are known for being tough. They can withstand terrible injuries, bee attacks, and bites from poisonous creatures. Thus this animal seems like a perfect fit as Bitcoin, too, has survived many attacks over the past years.


We have more digital wallets than banks

The battle of banks against cryptocurrency wasn’t enough, now they have to fight against digital wallets as well!

Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the most successful cryptocurrency and AFTER its success, people gave birth to their own currencies. Bitcoin paved the way for many altcoins. Currently, there are 1900 tokens backed up with amazing projects.

Bitcoin is a heating system

If you have seen a Bitcoin miner, you’d know how hot it is. Mining rigs eat electricity and the consumed energy is returned in the form of heat. People all over the world use mining farms to heat their houses, greenhouses and other heat-depended places. Bitcoin is a heating system for the future.

Bitcoin is a popular choice among millennials

Cryptocurrencies are the millennial choice. After the 2008 economic collapse, millennials were tired of how things had turned out and the advent of Bitcoin is what gave them hope. They are investing in bitcoin and altcoins as they better understand the technology as opposed to baby boomers. Which is good news.

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