WeTrust Launches New Blockform Tool to Allow Deploying and Managing Ethereum (ETH) Nodes

If you often encounter untold rigidities trying to deploy or manage Ethereum nodes on your server, then your problems are finally coming to an end, thanks to WeTrust. According to an announcement made by this blockchain-based lending platform, Blockform, their very-own creation will simplify the process of deploying and managing ETH nodes.

They will not have to go through the rigors of building their infrastructure, a feature that will conveniently allow them to focus on other aspects of their projects. Ideally, Blockform will make the whole process of installing, configuring and managing Ethereum nodes a lot smoother.

Using an existing cloud service provider, mostly Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, developers will seamlessly build and deploy testnets. However, the project isn’t restricted to Azure and AWS alone.

It currently supports hosting on GCP and Digital Ocean and can be deployed on Heroku. Other than the three, it has support for the Rinkleby and Ropsten test networks and the mainnet network, besides being compatible with MetaMask, geth attach and web3.js.

It’s an Open-Source Project

It’s interesting that WeTrust chose to release it as an open-source project. However, pundits believe that it’s a tactic meant to make it a handy and versatile tool, fit for every sector across the Blockchain ecosystem. Anyone interested in using it will only need to create a unique test network with a Proof-of-Authority protocol.

Depending on the user’s specific needs, the nodes allow Full, Fast and Light synchronization modes. And to grant a user total security, Blockform also enables the creation of both a Firewall and SSL certificates and also use an API key to protect HTTP and WebSocket RPC endpoints.

Blockform also allows one to debug by making it possible for node data to be stored on SSD and thus synced quickly. Other than that, it has a UI display that allows one to monitor health checks and logs and a tiny chain explorer that allows easy browsing and tracking accounts and transactions.

Patrick Long who sits at the team involved in WeTrust’s Strategy and Operations department expressed confidence in the security and robustness of the project. He said that although they had envisioned it to be an in-house project, seeing other Blockchain companies struggle with it motivated them to make it available, albeit as an open-source project.

“But when we observed other Blockchain companies also struggling with this problem, we decided to create a more user-friendly open source version as a service to our community,” he said.

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