TerraGreen ICO (TGN Coin) Review: Blockchain Renewable Energy Platform?

TerraGreen is a digital blockchain platform whose main aim is to create a global, decentralized, biomass waste management, mainly in the agricultural and plantation sectors. The platform will ensure the deployment of an extensive renewable energy infrastructure that will facilitate proper waste management. The platform seeks to change how waste is perceived by industries and displays it as the greatest untapped resource available to the human.

The platform strives to bring on board a monetary system in which people are rewarded for directly participating in converting biomass waste into renewable energy products.

The platform’s exemplary technology and process are dependent on technically optimized and cost-effective solutions to convert biomass waste into energy products of high value. Use of the latest biomass gasification technology and individual optimized gas conditioning systems are the secrets behind the implementation.

TerraGreen’s Innovative Blockchain Algorithm

Since scalability and sustainability are a serious limitation with TerraGreen platform, it is not based rational databases. This is why the platform uses blockchain as its backbone. The blockchain has contributed a lot in the platform and its advantage is evident with many success stories and the transformation of the technology into a more durable, robust, and secure platform.

With the blockchain technology in place, the platform shall withstand any sort of hacking. This will make it an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record. This, however, is not limited to financial transactions. The platform has a coin model that demands the decentralization of energy trading.

TerraGreen Blockchain And Apps Tools

There exist three sub-ecosystems inside the platform’s ecosystem. The sub-ecosystems actively work by exchanging data, analyzing data, generating reports, and making predictive actionable suggestions to each other in real time. They are continuously analyzing the effects that the suggested action may bring and keep it to consider for future analysis.

This highly interactive process of suggestion-action-analysis is created such that it can continuously lead to better autonomous operational suggestions, efficiency, and its productivity through the following:


TGN-BD means TerraGreen Big data. It is the customized application of Big Data that support the waste management and renewable energy in the following scope, but not limited to waste material determination and location, renewable energy products conception, and environmental health safety management among others.

TGN-BD gathers, stores large amounts of data and suggests as well as initiates execution roles in areas such as process route optimization, supply chain improvement, reliability, and maintenance schedules, and report assessment.


TGN-ADI is the short form of TGN Adaptive Intelligence. Its main purpose is to assist in improving the efficiency of the renewable energy plants.


It is the short form of TGN Internet of Things. It enhances the easy management of facilities by providing a solution to the problems encountered.


It is the short form of Distributed Application Blockchain. Its main use is the advent of cryptocurrencies.

TerraGreen Utility Platform

Payment Via TGN

The platform allows users to directly transact from their TerraGreen wallets. It also allows the use of both crypto and fiat currency, as users pay a 0.0001 TGN float transaction fee for their services. This is far less than the fiat based payment systems. The platform is working on a large-scale update that will allow for the use of more cryptocurrencies.

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