Masternode Projects to Keep On Your Radar

  • Masternode operators earn passive income
  • DASH was the pioneer Masternode the debuted in 2014
  • Several Masternode projects are lined up to launch in 2019

These are incredibly interesting times for everyone involved in crypto; what with plummeting prices and several projects created during the bull market tasting adversity for the first time. Networks have dropped in value, crypto-related companies are laying off workers and cryptocurrency mining isn’t too profitable anymore. Every investor wants to build their cryptocurrency portfolio and create a steady flow of passive income. For those still in the dark, Masternodes are full nodes operating 24/7 to validate crypto transactions. Masternode operators must stake a huge amount of coins that ensures they have sufficient incentive to avoid corrupting the network.

For securing the network, Masternode operators are incentivized with monetary rewards, similar to crypto miners in proof-of-work projects. If you are passionate about taking part in Masternode projects and earning passive income, put the following four Masternode projects on your radar.

The reason that DASH appears in this list is because it is the pioneer Masternode project, having debuted in 2014.  While DASH is related to Bitcoin in terms of Proof-of-Work, DASH features a 2-tiered mining system that includes the DASH Masternodes which have extra functionalities.

Masternode operators who run DASH Masternodes earn 45 percent of the entire block reward; another 45 percent goes to miners while 10 percent goes to the developers.

A user needs at least 1,000 DASH and a dedicated IP address to operate a DASH Masternode, which is approximately $73,000 at the time of writing. The statistics at show that a DASH Masternode currently generates some $13.3 daily that will translate to $4,900 annually.

Perhaps you are still interested in becoming a Masternode operator but you find the $73,000 too high a figure. You don’t have to wait indefinitely until you become wealthy. Security token platform Swarm has tokenized DASH Masternodes that enables fractional ownership of Masternodes and splits the block rewards according to owners’ proportion of the stake.  

ION has a lot of potential among altcoins today and is becoming popular among investors. The coin’s small market cap should worry potential investors as it offers a supposed 25.2 percent return on investment. The coin has 558 nodes in circulation with each node costing $3,797. You need 20,000 ION to set up a Masternode.  

PIVX is among the top 100 coins and forked out of the DASH cryptocurrency; it provides Masternode functionality besides being a proof-of-stake coin. The PIVX Masternodes are used for sending instant transactions, voting and preventing double spends. You need 10,000 PIV to set up a Masternode at the cost of $7 524.4. The Return on Investment is 12.24 percent giving some $76 monthly.

If you are looking for a high-yield Masternode that brings a huge amount of passive income at greater risk you want to consider QYNO. The entry point is 20,000 QYNO at $315.89 and you can generate passive income.  According to their website, the annual expected income is 775 percent which will give you $876.33 monthly and $10,662 annually.

In addition, there are several upcoming Masternode projects to watch for:

Ambrosus announced last September their plans for creating a Masternode project were at an advanced stage. The team gave information in an official blog post where they gave a guide on how to own and operate a Masternode once they make the big announcement.  According to the company, new applicants will familiarize themselves with the AMB-NET by doing a test-run on the test-net where they won’t be a risk of drawing penalties.

The CPChain Masternode project has been in the pipeline for a while and the company announced the launch of their MainNet on December 23 2018 through an official blog post. The team announced through the post they had made huge steps and has designed their basic infrastructure to enable private transactions and consensus agreements.  

The development team encouraged members of the network to trial run the MainNet and give feedback on their experience so they could enhance user experience before the full launch to the public. As per the announcement, the CPChain team is looking forward to the official launch of the network’s MainNet that is expected to happen before the end of March 2019, once they implement all the community’s recommendations.

The leading features associated with the CPChain Masternode Alpha version of the MainNet include consensus, private transactions, Delegated Proof of Reputation (DPoR) and updates to their website.

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