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Ripple’s XRP has been doing fantastic until the ongoing market bear. The coin has been among the strongest, increasing in price and market cap. Despite the mass crypto selloff, Ripple’s XRP has been a performer, resisting the downtrend to an endurable minimum.

Aside resisting downfalls, Ripple’s XRP has been gaining users from different firms across the universe. This progress among other things have prompted the Ripple (XRP) community to demand that the cryptocurrency be added as a base currency on Binance.

This denotes that other cryptocurrency are to be paired to Ripple’s XRP provided Binance yields to the call. Adding XRP as a base currency on Binance will definitely boost the price of the cryptocurrency, it will no doubt give Ripple’s XRP a solid base to maintain the second position while also giving it the strength to resist future forces from Ethereum. The development will also make XRP to contend the first position with Bitcoin.

Note that XRP is already a base currency on XRP United Exchange and CoinField Exchange. In fact, experts believe XRP deserve to be a base currency on nearly all exchanges.

Having XRP as a base currency on Binance will improve the price of the cryptocurrency than getting a listing on Coinbase.

The reasons are not farfetched. One, the fact that Binance is the largest exchange and the undeniable fact that it has the highest daily trading volume with many cryptocurrencies on the exchange make the platform good for XRP pairing.

In the same line, Binance does not appear to be at war with any cryptocurrency to talk of the exchange denying reputable cryptocurrencies a listing. In this wise, the more coin it adds, the more the number of XRP pairing increase if Binance finally makes Ripple’s XRP a base currency.

In another sense, lately, Coinbase has turned out to be a pump and dump medium for digital currencies. Case in point is that of Basic Attention Token (BAT) which dumped by nothing less than 20% shortly after Coinbase announced it’s the cryptocurrency.

So, introducing XRP as a base currency on Binance will not only help the exchange, it will also increase the price of the cryptocurrency.

If Binance among other exchanges make Ripple’s XRP their base currency, then Coinbase listing is worthless.

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